[Speaking of PP yarn, how much do you know about it?]
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Today, let's explain to you what the original formula of polypropylene masterbatch is, as well as the basic use of polypropylene masterbatch.

This series of products has the following advantages:

1) The pigment particle size in natural masterbatch products is less than 1μm;

2) Uniform dispersion, stability, high coloring power;

3) Excellent filtering performance;

4) High heat resistance and light resistance.

Polypropylene masterbatch has a very important role in our life. With the continuous development of science and technology, we believe that the future polypropylene masterbatch will have a greater development.

Instructions for the use of polypropylene masterbatch: according to the actual production equipment, there will be different processing temperature requirements, and the addition of coloring masterbatch should be controlled at 0.8%~5%, to ensure the smooth processing of non-woven fabric.

Polypropylene masterbatch because of its color fastness is relatively high, mainly used in home textile fabrics, carpets, clothing, underwear, decorative cloth, polypropylene rope and other aspects.

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